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Struggling with distractions in this amped up world? Renowned ADHD expert Dr. Ned Hallowell guides us through stories, guests, tips, calls, and lots of surprises too. If you’re pulled and prodded all day from many directions or addicted to your smartphone and apps, this insightful and entertaining journey will help you regain control of your life in a fun and novel way. Give it a listen and … wait, did you see that bird?
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Aug 24, 2017

We know there are plenty of couples who love football equally, but what advice would Ned give to those who don't share their significant other's passion for the sport? Listen to this quick mini and find out! 

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Aug 22, 2017

From terrorism, disease, war, kidnappings and more, we live in a fear-filled society. However, historically Americans are safer and healthier than ever before. So why doesn't it feel that way? Dr. Hallowell speaks with sociologist Barry Glassner, whose book, The Culture of Fear, explores why the perception of fear has increased, and not the actual level of risk. They talk about who profits from our fear and why. We also hear from people on the street about what they fear.

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Barry Glassner, The Culture Of Fear: Why Americans Are Afraid Of The Wrong Things

Aug 17, 2017

Getting enough sleep is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Dr. Hallowell outlines how to determine how much sleep you need and offers tips for getting a good night's rest.

Aug 15, 2017

How do you know when your parent or loved one can no longer make good financial decisions? Unfortunately, many don't notice until it's too late. In this week's episode Hilary tells us her dad's story, an independent investor who lost his life's savings while battling Alzheimer's and dementia. Dr. Hallowell also talks to the man whose company is trying to help people avoid financial catastrophes like the one Hilary's family experienced. 

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Aug 10, 2017

Be more focused and productive at work with Dr. Hallowell's strategies for combating the 6 most common interruptions.

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Want to learn more? Read Dr. Hallowell's book: Driven to Distraction at Work

Aug 8, 2017

When was the last time you left your smartphone at home... on purpose? We sent Dr. Hallowell out on an adventure without his to see how he'd manage, and of course, we were there every step of the way! After Ned's adventure, keep listening for a roundtable discussion that uncovers how your age might play a role in how you use your phone. 

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Aug 3, 2017

Dr. Hallowell loves what he does for a living and can't imagine taking time off to "do nothing." In this mini, Ned challenges listeners to tell him why vacations are worth it. 

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Aug 1, 2017

Dr. Hallowell's wife Sue returns to Distraction to address listeners' ADHD questions. Sue Hallowell is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and has been married to Ned for nearly 30 years. They've also raised 3 children together who all have ADHD, so you could say Sue is somewhat of a subject-matter expert! Listeners ask about issues with their kids, spouses and more. 

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